Mo Cornelisse

Mo Cornelisse, born 1965 Netherlands, has worked as a full-time ceramist since 2012. She seeks the challenge in simplicity, and material contradictions. Her work consists of unique pieces often in porcelain combined with gold. She uses modern techniques in creating her objects but always with love for traditional craftmanship.

Mo is constantly looking for the challenge in simplicity, material and contradictions. Bringing porcelain to wall objects helps Mo indicate that porcelain is not only for tea. Her tender works consist of porcelain, combined with symbolic elements that show her story.

In her work she looks for boundaries in form and material. The works are three-dimensional and are distinguished by shape and simplicity. The wall objects are reminiscent of reflections of light. She takes geometric forms – often icosahedrons which are polyhedrons with 20 faces – and arranges them into stand alone wall sculptures. Or she combines various sizes of these sculptures in large wall filling wave-like structures.

Her pure white porcelain doll-like statues are based on the innocuous child’s toy but are transformed in sculpture-like statues through the addition of – sometimes subtle, sometimes morbid, sometimes grotesque – details. Very often though she only uses gold leaf accents to highlight parts of the statue’s body symbolizing human emotions or character.