Massimo Lagrotteria was born in Lucerne (Switzerland) in 1972.

He works and lives in Carpi (MO). His main focus has always been the study of the human figure.

It is a time of great experimentation, the bases used change, the canvas is given a material touch through a collage of paper and paperboard. Iron, copper and wood are also used as bases, faces and bodies are mostly alone, in a physical and psychological isolation.

Massimo Lagrotteria is in search of an unattainable balance through a slow and relentless subtraction. Subjects look almost resigned to lose their false centrality in the world. Constantly looking at great masters such as Freud, Dumas or Maria Lassnig, in this phase Massimo also changes his colour palette. The shades of greys, ruddy colours and tar prevail over faces and figures.

At present, he collaborates with various galleries in Emilia, Veneto and Liguria in Italy, as well as Belgium and Switzerland and The Netherlands.